Brendan Kwiatkowski, BEd, MA

Brenda DeVries, B.Ed., MA is a Direct Neurofeedback Practitioner at Autumn Counselling Collective in Langley, BC

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Brendan Kwiatkowski has his Masters in Special Education and is trained in Clarity Direct Neurofeeback. He is a secondary school teacher and specializes working with students with Behavioural Needs or Mental Illnesses who exhibit behaviours such as: anxiety, ADHD, aggression, withdrawnness, depression, and conduct disorders.

With his background in Special Education he also works closely with students on the Autism Spectrum and it was through working with one such student that Brendan first witnessed how Neurofeedback can drastically change behaviours. Brendan’s hope is to bring Neurofeedback farther out into the Fraser Valley, particularly for students with Autism, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and traumatic brain injuries. That said, the benefits of Neurofeedback are not limited to those populations and Brendan readily works with adult clients as well. His sessions are exclusively Neurofeedback-related (i.e. no counselling) but he operates under a Registered Clinical Counsellor should a desire for additional therapy arise.

Brendan works out of the Autumn Collective Counselling offices but he wants to make Neurofeedback treatment as accessible as possible, particularly for clients on the Austism Spectrum, and is willing to work with clients to offer sessions at clients’ homes.

For questions or to find out more about neurofeedback, check out Brendan's personal website (